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Franklinton Board of Trade - Featured Nonprofit

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The Scope of Our Work

Imagine Franklinton – old and new blending together.

Shops line the streets to provide a variety of products and services that enhance health, beauty and energy.

Neighbors learn and bond with each other.

Streets are clean and inviting.

Neighbors walk the sidewalks in the evenings, greeting each other, looking out for each other as they pass by the neat and clean yards.

It’s a thriving economy that is a microcosm of Columbus.

The buildings whisper of times past, yet some are modern and attractive. New construction envisions the future linked with restoration to preserve our history.

As in the beginning, we are connected to the ground – we live and work in a place that produces flowers, vegetables, and plants of every sort.

The diversity is astounding – yet the community speaks as one voice.

It is a quilt that has been stitched together…. working with each other to lift us all.

Business is social in Franklinton – arts festivals, education events that feed the mind and soul of everyone there – we respect that everyone has something to give.

Franklinton is a place where every resident, every business, every visitor has the chance to experience success, significance and security.

The Statement of Our Work

The Franklinton Board of Trade is an organization of businesses and citizens of Franklinton. We encourage each other to “be part of the change”.

We Advocate – so that our neighbors can speak with one empowered voice

We Beautify – so that everyone can take pride in their surroundings.

We Connect – so that all can know and respect the valuable resources we bring to each other.

We welcome the new residents and enterprises while honoring the legacy of the first settlement in Columbus.

Our Tribe: Business owners, residents and guests – We are a diverse and mutually supportive community of individuals who look to contribute to each other and to the visitors to our community.

Our Cause: We are dedicated to the individual and collective renewal and growth of the people who live and work in Franklinton. We embrace the new energy, ideas and spirit of the 21st century while respecting a pioneer tradition that stretches back to the first settlers in 1797.

Our Space: We attract and sustain business owners, their employees and their patrons in the ground that spans the distance between the Scioto River and Interstate 70. Through live and digital channels, we supply resources, host events and sponsor open forums that drive continual rejuvenation in the area.

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