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Branding & Website Development

Austin Hattox

Pixel Lighthouse

(817) 776-5317 |

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Pixel Lighthouse helps nonprofits create websites and brands that take visitors on a journey. Unlike other web agencies, we operate very tightly, making sure all the pieces of your org's site work together. So there are no silos: the brand informs the design, which informs the content, which informs the features. All the pieces work together to create a holistic experience for your community that represents your organization well and prepares your nonprofit for its next stage of growth.

Interested in taking your nonprofit's online presence to the next level? Visit our website to schedule a free 20-minute strategy session where we can discuss your org, your community, and your website. If we can help you, we'll tell you how our process works. Afterward, you can ask us any questions you'd like.

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