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Event Planning

Lisa Wein

LW Events

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After returning from NYC to her hometown of Columbus, Lisa relaunched her own event planning company, LW Events.  Lisa lived in New York City for 13 years where she started her event planning/fundraising career, and has worked inside non-profits, planning events and fundraising, for over 18 years. Having the insider’s perspective on what works and what doesn’t for nonprofits has enabled Lisa to set LW Events apart, and now with the ever-changing event landscape, Lisa has been on the forefront of fundraising and strategy for the post-pandemic event world.

At LW Events, Lisa focuses primarily on helping non-profits make their events more effective through a 4-part process of strategy, planning, execution, and follow-up. She pushes NPOs to focus on goal-setting and strategy so that their events are used as a springboard for building relationships with their donors as well as developing a follow-up strategy so the event serves as a vehicle for engagement after the event is over. Lisa is helping non-profits to be more donor-centric allowing them to focus on articulating their mission in a way that connects donors to where their dollars are going.

Lisa’s current clients include: Action for Children, The Buckeye Ranch, the Center for Disability Empowerment, Charitable Healthcare Network, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Community Shelter Board, Local Matters, Mount Carmel Health Systems, ​the Museum of Catholic Art & History, Nationwide Children's Hospital, Ohio Children’s Alliance, Ohio Living, Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation, St. Vincent Family Services, Star House, Thurber House, Yellowstone Forever, the YMCA of Central Ohio and the YWCA. Learn more at

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