onehope wine


From humble beginnings and a lofty vision, our founders started selling wine on a mission to change the world. Since then, they have helped thousands through sharing wine and raising money for causes closest to them.


Our commitment to high-quality wine is as important as our commitment to the causes we support. Through the sale of every bottle, ONEHOPE has donated $5 million+ to causes around the world. We’ve built a school in Guatemala, funded 19,000+ days of clinical trials for breast cancer research, planted a forest in Indonesia, provided 3 million+ meals for children in need, found 80,000+ pets a forever home, and delivered 190,000+ vaccines to end tropical diseases - and these are just to name a few.


Wine brings people together. To gather, to grieve, to celebrate. It allows us to connect, to be vulnerable, to dream. It's over wine where we discuss something meaningful to us and how we want to step into our own power. To live a life of fulfillment.

Share wine, give hope.    Contact Windy Steiner for more information how One Hope can help your organization.