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Digital Marketing

Matt Erney

Social Firm

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Return on investment is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy. This all starts with a powerful brand and a meticulously crafted digital marketing plan. Social Firm can help your nonprofit navigate these waters with proven strategies that empower your organization to win online.


After founding Social Firm in 2010, Matt learned that having a healthy business online requires an equal balance of messaging, design and marketing.  His vision is to help nonprofit organizations compete in the nonprofit marketplace by simplifying, clarifying and then amplifying their message.


He currently leads the Strategic Marketing team at Social Firm. He believes that to achieve greatness, one must be intentional and move quickly with focus beyond one’s self.  He embodies giving more than you take, and "paying it forward" when someone is generous to you.


He loves Columbus and is energized by helping nonprofits realize their digital potential.

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