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Community Shares of Mid Ohio

It takes collaboration to create a more just, caring, and healthy community for all. Community Shares of Mid Ohio represents seventy-five community-based charities that solve a wide range of issues by providing long-term solutions for some of the most pressing social issues and critical community needs. Community Shares actively seeks nonprofits based in central Ohio to assist in creating vibrant neighborhoods for everyone.

They support charities of all sizes in the central Ohio area to ensure the community at large is fully represented. Reviewing and vetting each member charity allows them to impact our city—defend human and civil rights, feed the hungry, build affordable housing, prevent family, youth, school, and neighborhood violence, preserve the environment, and increase health, safety, education, social justice and democracy in our community.

Much of the support provided by Community Shares is done by participating in workplace giving campaigns. For 30 years, Community Shares has partnered with employers to allow their employees the opportunity to donate to any of Community Shares' member charities via paycheck contribution.

These style campaigns allow employees to make tax-deductible donations to Community Shares member charities through one time or repeat payroll contributions of any dollar amount—from $1 a paycheck and up! Employers and their staff can designate their donation to any member charity or group of charities based on what organization represents the causes they care about most.

Community Shares, through their In(form)ed social enterprise, is proud of the work they do with Fiscally Sponsored projects, which are usually small, community impact projects that meet needs not otherwise addressed in our neighborhoods. The number of projects they mentor has grown from one in 2016 to currently 18. Several of the projects have become their own tax-exempt charities and several completed their mission work and sunset their projects. They believe that this mentoring and guidance is important in a project's founding work.

Community Shares establishes a strong financial base to ensure the continued existence and stability of their member charities and allows the support of startups serving critical needs in our community. They enhance the capacity of these organizations and projects to accomplish their missions through funding, leadership development, training, and education.

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A great organization supporting community nonprofits! Special thanks to Teresa Trost, Executive Director and her dedicated team.

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