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Broken Hearts Can Be Healed.

She Dreams Again’s Mission is to provide physical, spiritual, and emotional assistance to women that have been exploited. Human trafficking and trauma destroy lives. But Broken Hearts Can Be Healed.

Started in 2018, She Dreams Again is an Ohio nonprofit whose mission is to provide physical, spiritual, and emotional assistance to women that have been exploited.

Did you know that Ohio is one of the worst states for human trafficking, both for the number of victims and the state's victim-to-population ratio? The state is particularly vulnerable to human trafficking because it has both large urban centers and rural counties and a large transient and immigrant population, as well as five major highways with easy access to other states and Canada.

She Dreams Again seeks to restore victims’ hearts through Biblical discipleship and equip them to be self-sufficient by teaching life skills. Their vision is that these women will individually grow physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually through community.

Many people want to make a difference in the world but struggle to know how. She Dreams Again connects the local community to the needs of trauma and human trafficking victims so that together people can experience healing and purpose in life.

They also speak and/or do training whenever they can to build awareness and increase protection for the vulnerable in the community. Survivors need the community to become whole. Just as importantly, the community needs to be engaged in meaningful outreach to experience a whole and purposeful life. They provide training on trauma and human trafficking, mentorship training, and opportunities for Believers to make eternal impact.

She Dreams Again partners with area Churches and businesses for financial support, volunteering, offering input, and sharing strategizing ideas.

Please consider ways to support She Dreams Again; visit give ⋆ She Dreams Again

They’re also hosting their 4th Annual Trails to End Trafficking 5k on October 8th, 2022 at Pastime Park, Plain City. Registration and opportunities for Sponsors, Volunteers and Registered Entrants is listed on their website.

Special thanks to Hava Laudon, Executive Director for her leadership and passion on this issue.

Restored Hearts, Reclaimed Lives

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