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Reducing Expenses For Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit is hard work. The pressure to raise money and minimize expenses continues to grow. Time is in short supply, making it almost impossible to keep tabs on all areas of operations. Nonprofit organizations of all sizes face the ongoing challenge to find new funding opportunities, recruit energized volunteers and promote engagement, be sustainable and improve organizational processes.

Its critical to integrate strategic thinking and execution, and partner with organizations that can provide the resources and assistance to help them achieve their mission goals.

When it comes to effectively running a nonprofit, an important objective is to keep expenses in check. Many of the business services, including telecom, credit card processing, waste removal, small package/parcel shipping and even utilities, can play a significant impact on operating expenses. But there's actually a greater deal of control over these costs than many organizations realize.

Schooley Mitchell delivers objective advice and analysis to ensure nonprofits and businesses are receiving superior business services at the best price. As one of the largest cost-reduction consulting groups in North America, we are independent of all vendors and act only with the best interests of our clients in mind. Our risk-free reviews will identify the challenges organizations face and provide practical, cost-savings solutions. If we don’t find savings, there is no fee for our services.

We have many nonprofit clients that have benefited from a review of their Telecom, Credit Card Processing, Waste and Package Shipping services. Listen to what some have to say:

“As a Non-Profit Organization, every dollar is precious, and we were thrilled when Schooley Mitchell was able to save us 40% on our merchant services fees as well as 15% on our telecom services.”

- Guardian Angel Thrift

“…not only did they help save us money; we were also able to see clearly where we were spending our money. This would have been very time consuming for us, even if we had the resources that Schooley Mitchell has.

The best bit was that their analysis saved us 32% on our merchant services costs and we stayed with the same provider.

Whether you are a non-profit or profit-making organization, we at Habitat for Humanity

Hernando County, highly encourage you talk to Schooley Mitchell and have them look at your telecommunications and/or merchant services expenses.”

- Habitat for Humanity

“As a charitable business, it is important that we have the best telecom and merchant services rates in place and consequently agreed to have Schooley Mitchell provide us with a risk free, no cost audit to see if there were additional savings they could uncover.

Schooley Mitchell’s service helped us to convert to a VoIP telephone system at a much lower amount than what we originally budgeted for, and indirectly helped us avoid $8,000 in equipment replacement costs.”

- Habitat for Humanity

“Schooley Mitchell analyzed all of our locations. They compared the options available for us at each location. This would have been a very time-consuming task for us to undertake on our own, when we have other priorities that occupy our time. Across all of the locations for which they could find savings, the savings average 22%. This amounts to a significant amount of money each month to us, funds that we can use in other ways to meet our mission…

We also know that they are monitoring our bills on a monthly basis to catch any ongoing errors. Schooley Mitchell caught the fact that a couple of our accounts were not properly qualified for tax purposes and they got that taken care of with the carriers.

We appreciate Schooley Mitchell’s efforts on our behalf and recommend them to any non-profit organization or other business looking to save money in an easy and painless way.”

- TEAM For West Virginia Children

Content contributor

Bob Hays, Business Consultant

Schooley Mitchell

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