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At Home By High

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Founded in 2017, At Home by High was created by neighbors, for neighbors to provide support, connectedness, and enable independence for adults ages 50+ in their central Columbus service area.

AHBH provides volunteers to complete services for members, as well as, organizing events and activities to connect older adults and combat social isolation - ensuring lasting mental and physical health for our members.

The organization is a part of the Village to Village Network (featuring over 200 villages across the nation) which allows members to gain access to resources, planned events and connect with other villages for additional support. Each village caters it's services and structure based on the needs of the area it serves.

Previous to inception, there were only two villages in the Columbus area – Village Connections and Village in the Ville. The gap between these two service areas was identified leading to AHBH.

AHBH operates with the help of volunteers in the neighborhood and through funding from area agencies and generous donations from the community.

“Our hope is to be a catalyst for neighbors to form lasting friendships to make our community stronger and more connected. Our goal is to expand our reach to all ages” explains Katie Beaumont, Executive Director.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and how to donate, please visit:

Special thanks to Katie Beaumont and the supporting team at AHBH!

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