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NSF Clearinghouse - Cash Flow Recovery

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Since 1999 NSF ClearingHouse has led the Cash Flow Recovery industry with its outstanding customer service while helping manage Treasury Cash Flow Services for its Clients.

In 2002 the Company added the extremely successful clearing of recurring ACH declined transactions, with its PingPay™ Technology. NSF ClearingHouse has helped every Client receive more cleared funds than they had previously received using all other high-cost collection methods combined.

NSF ClearingHouse, an eCashflow Services Company, was founded specifically to provide high quality declined payments clearing services at the lowest cost for its Clients.

Thousands of Clients nationwide enjoy more profits because of increased cash flow, reduced cost of cash, and more deposits at less cost. NSF ClearingHouse has continued to achieve its mission of helping companies of every size be better at their core business by increasing customer satisfaction and taking away the high cost of clearing declined payments which should already have been in their account.

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Treasury, Risk, and Cash Flow Management in One Place

Treasury Management

Cash is the Answer
We Maximize Cash in Your Account


Risk Management

We Analyze Spend - Reward Results
Maximize Return on Risk


Cash Flow Management

Simplify Accounts Receivable
Reduce the Cost of Your Money


When cash is effectively managed and flows easily the results are…

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Reduce Customer Tension When the Going Gets Tuff
Satisfy Customers Before They Complain and/or Cancel
Keep Customer Contacts Positive


How can one Company be great at Treasury, Risk, and Cash Flow Management?

This is all we do. No upsell. No other services to buy.
23 Years of building relationships through successes.
We promise to deliver what we say at a fair price


What is the ultimate achievement when applying custom solutions?

Satisfied Customers and Maximum Cash Flow
Improved Bottom Line Results
Everybody WINS!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payments are eligible for NSF ClearingHouse recovery?
A: Recurring payments such as memberships, utilities, echecks, business checks and consumer checks.

Q: How can NSF ClearingHouse provide this service at no cost to you?
A: NSF ClearingHouse charges the customer a small fee as determined by state laws.

Q: How can I keep track of what's happening?
A: NSF ClearingHouse sends out reports to you when something changes, and offers secure up to date reporting online.

Q: My bank already re-deposits my returned payments, can I still use NSF ClearingHouse?
A: Yes, NSF ClearingHouse can re-submit your returned payments once, so you still get a total of three attempts.

Q: What if I have a question after I sign up?
A: NSF ClearingHouse can be reached Monday - Friday at 800-772-4181 for customer service calls.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: From the time NSF ClearingHouse receives your returned item(s) for processing the electronic recovery can take 7-21 days depending on your account settings.

Q: Once I sign up, what can I expect?
A: Once your sign up information is received, NSF ClearingHouse will send you a welcome packet containing further instructions and stickers to place at your point of sale.

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